Stainless Steel Rebar Guidelines for Shipping, Handling, Fabrication and Placement

Stainless Steel Rebar and related construction products have been in the United States and Canada since 1996. Stainless steels have found increasing acceptance as the material of choice where a highly corrosion resistant material is needed to combat the ravages of corrosion from chlorides. The interested reader is advised to explore this publication for information relating to how stainless steel can insure longevity and minimum maintenance in even the harshest of environments. This will not only be cost justifiable, but accrue substantial savings to the owner through the benefits of Life Cycle Costing.


Table of Contents

  • Why Stainless Steels
  • Life Cycle Costing Advantages
  • General Applications
  • Guidelines for Shipping, Handling, Fabricating & Placement of Stainless Steel Rebar
    • General Comments
  • Shipping & Handling
  • Fabrication
  • Placement
  • Cleaning and Pickling
  • Guidelines for Acceptable Finish
  • Specifications - Stainless Steel Rebar
  • Related Stainless Specifications for Bar and Wire Products
  • Literature/Bibliography Material on Stainless Steel Rebar


Stainless Steel Rebar Guidelines in PDF Format (202kb).

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