Stainless Steel Architectural Facts

Designer Handbook

Acquaints architects and design engineers with the basics of stainless steel. Describes forms and finishes available. Suggests ideas on designing with stainless in the building and construction market.





Table of Contents

  • Why Design in Stainless Steel?
  • Alloy Type Designations
  • Product Forms
  • Thickness of Stainless Steel used in Architectural Applications
  • Sheet Finish Designations
  • Bar and Plate Finish Designations
  • Designing in Stainless Steel
    • Joining Considerations
    • Fabrication Methods
    • Designing for Minimum Maintenance
    • To Eliminate Distortion
  • Effective Cleaning Methods

NOTE: This Handbook is available in both downloadable PDF Format and Hard Copy.

Stainless Steel Architectural Facts in PDF Format (125kb).

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